‘A Soundless Zenscape’ Zou Wei, 2008

Lien Sergeant’s black/white photo series focus on city landscape, it is always in the center of a big city. Yet we hardly see human beings in her photos, as if we just successfully escape from all the human chaos. Buildings blocks, glasses reflecting the sky, silent loft windows, station waiting place… … her eyes touch many ordinary places where we go and come everyday, but we pass them in a big hurry without noticing the other possible side of them. Lien Sergeant does. Her lens crosses the street and stops at an ideal point, focusing, filtering all the noises, a simple flash, she creates an unique world of Zen.

That is a landscape we human beings desire, a place like downtown Beijing before 1980’s, quiet, calm, relax, elegant and mysterious. Living in contemporary Europe, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Rotterdam, Rome, London … … life is a mixture of everything with all the desires and misery. We do have alternatives, but unfortunately we would rather forget a style of Zen. We indulge ourselves too deeply into all kinds of rushes without realizing our life clock is tickling by seconds, until we encounter Lien’s world. Time stops, heart slows down, our eyes satisfied.

They are so soundless and powerful, so graceful and strong, so common and unexpected, so practical and abstract that words are just a bit unnecessary.

Zou Wei ( Beijing )
Contemporary Wei Gallery